Wishing You Peace and Joy

The song keeps running through my head..Have yourself a merry little Christmas, let your heart be light…

If Merry and Light seem like nothing you have experienced in a long while, let alone Peace and Joy I offer several suggestions to help you get started.

1. Practice yoga, even if only for a few minutes each day.

Taking a yoga class is even more powerful as it helps to reinforce the techniques of breath and witness which are practiced on the mat so you can then apply them when you’re in need of them during your busy day.

2. Practice “Mouth Yoga”-forming a smile on our face can relax hundreds of muscles in our body and studies have shown that when we flex our facial muscles into expressions of joy, we do indeed produce the effect on our nervous system.

3. Set your intention for the day BEFORE you get out of bed!

Spend just a moment or two before you get out of bed to say several intentions that set your day and give you something to focus on when the day gets busy or you realize you are tense and not in the best of moods. Make your intention in the present tense as if it has already happen. An example would be: Lead by the Spirit, I courageously follow my heart and move slowly, peacefully, and consciously through my day or I am love and all is well. Be sure your intention is meaningful for you and that you say it often throughout your day.

4. Pause, take a deep breath, and recognize what you have accomplished whether at work, at home, cooking, creating, gift selection, prayers or meditation. Give yourself credit for a job well done before you move on to another task.

These are only a few suggestions, perhaps you have suggestions you would like to share with me that are particularly helpful to you. Please do.

May peace and joy fill your days.


Breath, Relax, Let Go!